I have many years of experience in the organizational, business development, development, and leadership of technical service organizations, as well as in digitalization development. My expertise in agile and resource-efficient services rounds off this experience portfolio.

A sound and modern methodology and my field-tested toolbox support the expertise.

Areas of expertise

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Organizational development

Does your organization stand up to the constantly changing demands of the market? Do your employees go along with the constant change, and are they involved in the change process?

Organizational development is a planned, systematic, and long-term process of change and further development of a company or a sub-area. To this end, the support and participation of stakeholders are essential. Organizational development topics include strategy development, change management, and targeted cultural change. Through organizational development, the company should become overall more efficient and successful in the future.

Business development

Can you stand out from your competitors today with a unique benefit in the market? What about long-term customer relationships? Can you keep them?

Sustainable business development is any activity or idea that aims to improve a company over time. This means harnessing the customer’s business potential, forming strategic partnerships, serving market needs, and improving the company’s reputation.

To do this, the marketing mix is an essential foundation for business development that needs to be examined:

  • Do I have the right product?
  • Am I using the right price?
  • Am I using the right distribution channel?
  • Am I using the most effective communication?

Among other things, the basics help the company generate more sales, expand, and develop organically, and enter strategic and long-term partnerships.

Service organization

Are you fully exploiting the business potential of your service organization? Does the business strengthen customer loyalty to your company? Are your customers experiencing the service you promised?

An initiative-taking service organization is the bridge builder for long-term customer loyalty and a profitable business life cycle. In addition to being a powerful organization, it is essential to have the right level of digitalization and a service portfolio with measurable added value for customers.


What could be made more efficient by digitalizing your internal processes? Could you also create added value for your customers through digitalization?

The right degree of digitalization depends on the size of the business organization but also the employees involved. Digitization must take place step by step, yet the final digitization vision must be apparent from the beginning. In any case, digitization must create added value for everyone involved in the form of improved quality, increased efficiency, and added value for customers.